Lead Service Line Replacement Information

In November 2023, the South Milwaukee Water Utility was awarded funding in 2024 for Lead Service Line replacements.  The funding amount of $2,258,500.00, a mix of low-interest loans and grant funding, will be utilized to replace properties that had been identified as having a lead service line during a recent inventory done by the South Milwaukee Water Utility.    Currently, there are 1,708 known lead service lines within South Milwaukee.

The South Milwaukee Water Utility has been working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for private Lead Service Replacement funding, and based on census tract data from the United States Census Bureau, 6 of our 7 census tract segments are eligible for different grant amounts (between 75% and 25%).   The City of South Milwaukee will also be using federal grant funds to cover an additional 25% (limited to $2,000) to those property owners in census tracts that only qualify for 25% from the DNR’s funding report.

The remaining balance on the private side lead service line replacement will be placed on a 10-year special assessment at an interest rate of 0.25% and paid annually on the property real estate tax bill.  

In 2024, the lead service line replacements will be prioritized to the road repair projects scheduled on Park Ave., between N. Chicago Ave. and Lake Dr.; and 13th Avenue between Drexel Blvd and Rawson Ave.  These projects are scheduled to begin in Spring 2024.

In early December 2023, the South Milwaukee Water Utility will be going out for public bid, and any property owners in line for replacement must be notified at least 45 days in advance of a scheduled lead service replacement.   

For additional questions regarding the upcoming Lead Service Replacement program, please contact the South Milwaukee Water Utility at 414-768-8070 or WaterUtilityDept@smwi.org.

Additional information:

Private Side and Public Side Water Service Line Photo