What is this going to cost me?

The Water Utility will pick up the cost of the meter installations. The meter replacement is a mandatory installation and there is no cost to the property owner for the installation. Each installation will take approximately one half hour to complete, with the area surrounding the base meter (usually located in the basement) clear. Failure to allow access to replace the meter will be handled in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code (PSC)  175.37 (2)(e,f).

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1. Why is the Utility replacing meters?
2. What is this going to cost me?
3. Will anyone need to enter my home?
4. What will the Utility Servicemen need to do to replace the meter?
5. When will the meter replacement be scheduled?
6. Do I need to have any plumbing work done in conjunction with the meter replacement?
7. Must an adult be home at the time of the appointment?
8. What if I encounter a problem with the newly installed meter?